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Cerulean blend bag and brewed coffee

Our Story

Aqua Moon Coffee Roasters was founded during the month of a blue moon—or as we like to call it: an aqua moon, in October 2020 by founder and head roaster Kelvin Yu.


Kelvin began his career in hospitality in 2010, gaining experience at casual and fine dining restaurants around the world from Canada to Japan. He worked his way up to the role of chef, developing a sophisticated palate along the way. Kelvin then returned to Australia where he was blown away by a special café that served him a Berry Blend flat white—how could it taste just like blueberry milk shake?! That’s when his love affair with specialty coffee began.

Since then, he’s been working in the specialty coffee industry for the better half of the decade as a cupper, barista, coffee roaster and so on, learning the art and nuances of perfectly brewed coffee. Kelvin also has experience participating in competitions as both competitor and judge. Simply put, he understands the specialty coffee industry from the ground up, pun intended. :)

Kelvin dreamed of sharing his coffee journey and showing Australians that yes, anyone can make specialty coffee at home—and brew it as good as a barista.


At Aqua Moon Coffee Roasters, we are extremely passionate about specialty coffee and our pursuit is to share the specialty coffee experience with you, at home.

Our Coffee

We roast only specialty coffee beans here. What exactly is specialty coffee? It’s high-quality coffee that scores 80 points or above on the 100-point Coffee Review scale. The highest quality is priority every step of the way; the life cycle of the specialty coffee bean starts with top-quality coffee beans, grown at the perfect altitude, during the best time of year, in top-notch soil, harvested with care, then hand-roasted by experts. Specialty coffee happens through the cooperation of everyone involved in the coffee chain: starting from the coffee farmer, coffee buyer, roaster, and now you, the at-home barista.

coffee cup
Award-Winning Specialty Coffee
  • 2019 Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition

  • 2020 Sucafina Australia – Grounds for Travel Roasting Competition

  • 2020 Golden Bean Coffee Roasters Competition

  • 2020 ASCA AMC Australian Roasting Championship

coffee beans in coffee sack
Exceptional Beans

Our sourcing team scours the world for only the finest coffee beans (scoring 80+ on the Coffee Review scale) so you don’t have to. These beans have been showered with love from the moment of planting to moment of roasting—and now it’s your turn to brew it with love 

coffee beans roasting
In-House Roasting

Our specialty coffee beans are expertly roasted by hand in-house to bring out the unique flavor profiles of each origin and varietal.

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